Monday, July 16, 2012

Resident Evil 3 Water Sample Puzzle

There are four different solutions to the water sample puzzle depending on which difficulty you play Resident Evil 3: Nemesis on. You must match the top example using switches A, B and C by turning each left or right.

To find your puzzle, look at one of the four images below that matches the top sample on your current game and match lines A, B, and C exactly as shown. When done, hit "check" and the water sample will be tested.

Water Sample Solution 1

Water Sample Solution 2

Water Sample Solution 3

Water Sample Solution 4

Once the sample has been tested correctly the door will unlock.


  1. Thanks so much 4 solution awesome!

  2. Is there a easier way to do this puzzle?

  3. Is there a easier way to do this puzzle?

  4. El puzzle #5 de la melodía exacta de la torre del reloj quien se lo sabe con exactitud que me lo diga por favor es en versión psx androyd 5.5

  5. I need help with the water sample puzzle

  6. Iam playing ps1 resident evil 3 on ps2 system