Thursday, January 26, 2012

Resident Evil Code Veronica X How to Solve Portrait Puzzle

Here is the solution to solve the portrait puzzle in Resident Evil: Code Veronica X.
Press the buttons on the portraits in the following order:

(be sure the text matches up exactly because some portraits are similar)

  1. A beautiful woman is holding a tea set 
  2. A middle-aged man is with red-haired twins. A tea set is placed on the table 
  3. A red-haired man is holding a tea set. 
  4. It's a picture of a red-haired man. An earthenware plate is also illustrated. 
  5. It's a man's portrait. An earthenware vase is also illustrated. 
  6. It's a picture of a man. A pure white candlestick is also illustrated.

After pressing the buttons on all previous paintings (they are in order) Go to the biggest painting of Alfred Ashford that's up the stairs in the room and press the button under the portrait, you will then receive the earthenware vase. Examine the earthenware vase to receive the queen ant object.

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